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What does it take to make a comeback? In this program you can learn how I was able to make a comeback personally, financially and business-wise after I had lost everything. It is the lessons that helped me to make a comeback but the principles apply to everyone.
Making a comeback is a mental game and once you understand what it takes, you can be successful again or even more successful than ever before.

Please enjoy a free selection of the videos that are part of the program “Making a Comeback”.


“Energy, health and happiness” is a personal development program that will encourage you live a happier, more positive and more healthy lifestyle. It not only teaches you how to get fit and healthy but also focuses on how to improve your mental and emotional health.

This program will help you understand who you are in this world and how to improve your life. It will help you to overcome difficult times and how to deal with difficult people. Success is not possible if you don’t understand who you are and what is holding you back. This program will open your mind and heart and will help you to understand that your body, mind and soul are connected and how you can improve the quality of your life.

Business and marketing

Here are some examples of the programs “Business and financial success” and “Online marketing success”.

In the program “Business and financial success” I will teach you my secrets, my knowledge and mental attitude so you can do the same. I will help you to find the business that is right for you, how to make it work like no one has shown you before. In this simple and practical program you will learn step by step how to build a business, get business ideas and how to change your life forever.

The program “Online marketing success” can help you to start your own business online. The world is changing. The way that we make money has changed. The Internet has changed the economy. We are in the information age and people pay money for information. 85% of all buying decisions are influenced by the Internet. Many jobs have become obsolete and people are out of work. Some people have suffered under this change and the old ways of making money and winning customers no longer work.

Sales, investing and leadership

Did you know that 74% of all self-made millionaires are actively involved in the sales process of their company? In order to become financially independent you need to learn everything about sales and marketing. The program “Sales Psychology” covers everything you need to know.

Investments are confusing for most people. They don’t understand how to invest their money and financial lingo intimidates them. That is why I have created the program “Investing simplified”. This program teaches you in a very easy to understand language the basics of financial planning, investing and money management.

Being a great leader really means to build the right team. Without the right people a company or organization is nothing. The program “Leadership” covers everything you need to know about leading people and building a great organization.

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