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Transformation coaching for men over 40



I can help you to get back into
shape. Here is how…

  • 3 months daily interaction with WhatsApp
  • Initial assessment via Zoom call or Skype
  • Weekly check-in
  • Individual training plan
  • Individual meal plan
  • Goal setting (fat loss and muscle gain)
  • All the knowledge and tips to get into shape (4 brochures)
  • Introduction to other professionals and contacts

If you are serious about getting back into shape, you need to be accountable. A personal coach can help you to stay consistent so that you can reach your personal goals.

I want to help businessmen over the age of 40+ to learn how to balance work, life, family and health. If you are struggling to stay on track with your diet and exercise plan and you want to make a noticeable transformation, then let’s connect and talk.

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    Bodybuilding competition preparation with top coaches

    I was fortunate to have great bodybuilding coaches in my life that taught me the real knowledge on how to get into shape.

    I have first-hand knowledge from pro bodybuilders, and I can open up the door to those coaches to you as well.

    1. Jose Raymond – IFBB Pro (“The Boston Mass”)

    Jose Raymond has competed in over 46 pro shows and in about 45 amateur shows. He was competing at the Mr. Olympia for ten years straight and placed second in 2015. Many believe that he is the “uncrowned Mr. Olympia” of that year. He was competing in the 212 division.


    Furthermore, he won 12 pro show and placed second 22 times of the 46 shows in which he competed. He won the New York Pro twice and many other international bodybuilding competitions.


    In 2015 he won the Arnold Classic. The second biggest bodybuilding competition in the world.

    2. Reinhard Jager – World Amateur Champion, European Champion, Swiss Champion

    Reinhard Jager is a Swiss bodybuilder. He was my first personal coach when I was competing in 2005 and 2006. He won several bodybuilding competitions in Europe and became Swiss champion, European champion and World Amateur Champion.

    3. Michael Westwood – 3x British Champion

    Michael Westwood is known for his extreme transformation. He is a British national and my personal coach. He recently just became the 3-time British champion.

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