Private Equity Broker Training Program

Career opportunity to earn money while you learn the business of Private Equity.

Only you can change your life. You have the power to create a better life for yourself.

If you want to learn how to raise money, we will teach you during a 3-month training phase, how it works. You will be expected to make phone calls to potential investors while you learn everything about the industry.

This is a job opportunity. But first, you need to learn the basics and go through our training program.

You need to learn and complete the following things:

  • Marketing and Lead Generation: The new trainee must learn how to generate new leads. It is expected that a new trainee will generate at least 5 new leads per day. Ideally, 10 new leads per day are the goal.
  • Sales: The goal for someone new is to learn how to close a deal on the phone. In the first 3 months the goal is to close a few clients (openings, smaller amounts). The trainee will still need help from a more experienced sales person.
  • Basic knowledge about Private Equity, the process and current products. The new trainee will learn everything about the topic.
  • Test Private Equity: The main test to get the basic knowledge is the Private Equity test.
  • Test Industry: Depending on the product and industry, a separate test is necessary to learn the basics about the topic.
  • Basic financial knowledge about stocks: The trainee must have a basic understanding of stocks and the stock market. This knowledge can be learned by studying the first few chapters of the Series 7 book and through practical examples in the market.
  • Sales Training: A big part of being successful in this business is the ability to sell over the phone. An extensive sales training is necessary to learn all the skills to sell stocks to private investors.
  • Apprenticeship (3-month training): In the first 3 months the goal is to learn everything about Private Equity, the sales process, the product and the industry. The main goal is to generate new leads, close a few deals and pass all the tests.
  • Sales Organization: After successful completion of the first three months, the trainee will receive a permanent job as a Private Equity Broker and will raise money every month for the sales organization while earning commissions.

Diploma: Private Equity Specialist

After successful completion of all test a new trainee will receive a diploma.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply with a CV to

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