My Story

When I was in my early 20s I wanted to know the secrets to achieving financial independence. Even though I was making good money as a sales manager, I wanted to become a self-made millionaire. But by the time I turned 30 I was still broke. Then I started to ask myself the question what financially successful people did differently than me. I realized that I needed to start my own business in order to be financially independent and to be able to live my dream. Only 2 ½ years later I became a self-made millionaire. I had built a $300 million company and my income was over $100,000 per month.

I had built several companies and over 60 employees were working for me. I felt on top of the world and I made all my dreams come true. But then something happened: the stock price of my company fell down to zero and my company was gone. During that time I fell into a depression and lost everything. I had to rebuild my life and my businesses. Basically, I had to do it again for a second time. I had to make a comeback personally and in business.

Today, my businesses are back on top and I am living my dream. I moved from Switzerland to California and based on my past experience in business I developed Norman Meier International. My mission in life is to teach and educate others who want to start their own business and achieve financial independence. The lessons about business and life, especially when things got difficult, shaped me to become the person that I am today. My goal is to teach and encourage others to find their own strengths and to live their dreams.

As a successful businessman and entrepreneur I accomplished success that many people only dream about. I built companies and financed them with millions of dollars and as a former stockbroker I have built more than 3000 clients, raised over $400 million from the private sector and $600 million from institutional clients. Prior to founding Norman Meier International, I was the Chief Executive Officer and main shareholder of a publicly listed company with a market capitalization of over $300 million. The company was specialized in the natural resource market and we raised over $40 million from private investors for our 25 exploration and mining projects.

I was born and raised in Switzerland and moved to America to fulfill my personal dream. I have traveled and worked in many countries all over the world and speak five languages fluently. I have had successful careers in the financial industry, sales and marketing. I have held executive positions with top-tier global investment firms such as MAN Group in London, AWD in Switzerland, and Canaccord Capital Corporation in Canada. I have been an investment professional since 1995 and I consider myself to be an expert in Private Equity.

I have produced many audio and video learning programs on the topics of business, financial independence, sales and marketing and personal development to help others and I have written and produced several audio and video learning programs and written 12 books. Originally, I started to study psychology at the University of Zurich and received a BBA, MBA and Ph. D in Human Behavior from Newport University. I have 12 different finance diplomas / designations and was licensed as a financial adviser in three different countries. I was the CEO and president of a two public mining exploration companies, I was the founder and major shareholder of several gold and uranium exploration companies in the US and major shareholder of three sales organizations in Europe.

I was also the president and founder of a Swiss financial services company with a license from a self-regulatory organization and a license from the Swiss Banking Commission.As a hobby I competed in two bodybuilding competitions, was two times Swiss Aerobics champion, have a third degree black belt in Karate and was the first runner up in the mister Switzerland competition.I am happily married and have four children. Besides spending time with my family, I like working out, traveling, tennis, ice hockey, chess and I have a love for animals in need.

Just like most people who want to improve their lives I was eager to discover the secrets of personal and business success. In my programs I have summarized the last 20 years of my knowledge and experience so that others can improve their lives faster than they ever dreamed possible.


How can I help you?

  1. How to help you to achieve your personal goals
  2. How to start your own business and make it successful
  3. How to increase sales and profits
  4. How to overcome difficult personal challenges
  5. How to implement marketing strategies
  6. How to create the perfect marketing message and sales materials
  7. How to become a better team leader
  8. How to structure and set you a company to raise capital and take it public
  9. How to achieve more business and financial success
  10. How to live a happier and more fulfilled life

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