Money Raising Masterclass

How I raised $40 million in 2.5 years from investors; took my company public and created a $300 million company.

How do you find investors? That’s the million-dollar question! If you have millions of dollars from investors available, you can make any dream or project work. Finding the money is the hardest part.

I have raised millions of dollars from investors, took companies public and dealt with many great sales people who also raised a lot of money from investors. I have invested millions in resource projects all around the world and hired geologists who worked on these projects.

The lessons in this Money Raising Masterclass are real and authentic. They come from actual personal experience and from many sales people and stock brokers that I have had the privilege to work with.

The knowledge in this program is very special and it took years of trial and error until I figured out how best to go about it.

Raising money is not easy. It is hard work and it is a numbers game. But once you know what to do, there is no job like it. The ability to make lots of money and turn your business ideas into reality is a great accomplishment and satisfaction.

Listed and established companies can raise money from investment funds, private equity companies or other financial companies. But if you are just starting out with an idea, you have no other choice but to get the money from private investors.

Raising money is a combination of the knowledge of how to do it, technical knowledge and sales skills. I have seen average non-financially educated people raise millions of dollars because they mastered the art of money raising so well by developing great sales and communication skills.

In the end money raising is like selling any other product. It is all sales. But the benefits are much bigger.

In this program I am going to cover the process as well as the sales side of the business.

In the end you can really only raise money by talking to people and trying to convince them of your investment ideas. The better you learn to communicate, the more people you can convince to invest.

Some people are better suited to talk to investors and others are better when it comes to managing projects. You have to find out what you do best and find good partners that can do the things were you have weaknesses.

In the end you have to build a company and you can’t do it alone. You will need a team. In the beginning raising money is the most important function because without money to fund your projects and ideas, there is no company. Even if you have not a “sales person” you will have to learn how to raise money from investors if you want your company to get financed.

The $100 Million Dollar Secret

Trust that there is a future waiting for you that is beyond what you might be able to grasp at this present moment.

There are a total of 46.8 million millionaires worldwide at the beginning of the year 2020, and they collectively own approximately $158.3 trillion.

In the 33rd annual Forbes list of the world’s billionaires, the list included 2,153 billionaires with a total net wealth of $8.7 trillion.

There are millions of millionaires in the world and the number is increasing with each year. The only question that you should ask yourself, is why you are not one of them yet?

How did those people become millionaires or even billionaires? Did they have a great 9 to 5 job that paid them really well? Most definitely not!

They are all business owners and own shares of their own public company. No one becomes a billionaire by simply earning a salary from a job each year. People become wealthy by owning a significant share position in a company that is listed in the stock market.

But how did they start out? How do you become a multi millionaire?

They all started with a business idea. Then they incorporated a corporation, issued shares for themselves and raised money from investors. Eventually, they took the company public in the stock market and it was valued a several hundred millions of dollar.

I have raised $40 million in 2.5 years from 500 investors and his company was valued at over $300 million in the stock market. Actually, I raised over $400 million from private investors and $600 million from institutional investors in my career since 1995.

But the goal of this program is to teach you the things that you need to know to raise the first one or two million dollars by yourself so that you can take your company public in the stock market and attract millions more afterwards.

This program will teach you everything about this process and how I have done it.

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