Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned

Being a great leader really means to build the right team. Without the right people a company or organization is nothing. No matter what your company does, your employees will be a very important part of the company and its image. Besides operating your business, you need an additional set of skills to be successful as an entrepreneur or as a manager. Finding the right people and getting them to perform on a high level is a challenging task. People and personalities are so different and it is a difficult job to get them to work in harmony and work towards a common goal. In order to be a real entrepreneur you will have to lead employees.

These skills are leadership skills and they are completely different than the other skills. One of the key components of being able to grow a company is for you to lead your employees effectively.

Leaders are not born – they are made

Just as there are laws of nature that cannot be changed and always stay the same; there are laws of business success.

I have built and managed several businesses in my career. I have started many new companies and financed them with millions of dollars and I took several companies public in the stock market. One of those companies was valued at over $300 million.

I have started many international companies and traveled the world doing business. I have built organizations in Europe and North America. Making the right strategic decisions to have a successful business is key. But it is the way that you must think and act that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

People often say that motivation does not last

Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.

Motivation of your employees is a key ingredient when it comes to building a successful organization. In order to achieve greater results, you must know and understand how to motivate your people. The same things don’t motivate everyone and it is important to apply a variety of tools and techniques to get your employees to perform better. It is your job as a leader to motivate the whole team and to find out what motivates and drives each employee individually.

If you can create a motivating work environment for your employees, they will be happier and perform better, which is good for you. If you fail to motivate your people, it will eventually create a negative environment and the end of the organization won’t be too far. I have put together a variety to ideas and tools that I have used in the past. I have also learned and understood what drives people and how important and essential the right kind of motivation can be.

Why should you listen to me? What is in it for you?

In my entire career I managed many employees and sales people. I started out in the biggest independent financial planning sales organization in Europe and worked my way up the ladder. In 1997 I was the number one team leader with the best sales result of my team. I competed against 1000 other team leaders in Europe and created a new sales record. I was promoted to sales manager and became one the top leaders in that organization. I trained and managed around 75 sales people during that time and I was only 23 years old back then.

When I went into the hedge fund industry I became the global sales manager for the biggest independent hedge fund company in the world. I managed a team of very bright and sometimes-arrogant young people with impressive University degrees and we improved the overall sales team result from $42 million in a four month period to over $245 million just one year later.

Then later on I built my own sales teams and organization when I went into the Private Equity field and I managed over 60 people. My team and I raised over $40 million in only two years from 500 investors. During my entire career I hired, fired, motivated, encouraged, trained, led, promoted, evaluated and educated a lot of new sales people and employees.


This program is a summary of my personal leadership experience. This knowledge is real and comes from actual experience from the business world. Leadership, a critical management skill, is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal.

For who is this program?

The goal of this program is to identify the steps necessary to build a successful team. Like in every sports team, for example, you will need stars, people who are the backbone and perform consistently and new people who need to be developed. You will learn some of the lessons that I have learned from building and running several sales teams and organizations.

How can this help me in my life?

What do I get in detail?

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“Even if you think you know how to handle certain situations, the content you’ll find in Norman Meier’s programs will leave you absolutely stunned. Dozens of invaluable lessons based on his real experience as a businessman and team leader will help you avoid committing unnecessary and common mistakes that could potentially ruin your business. I started the Leadership program thinking I knew how to manage a team. After I finished it, I realized I was ignoring half of the things you need to become a true and authentic leader to the eyes of your team. I have never seen such valuable lessons explained in such a simple way. I strongly recommend this program to every person that wants to improve his skills as a team leader.”

Mariano Duyos | Art Director from Argentina

“Although being a seasoned professional, I use Norman Meier’s programs for keeping up with the ever-tougher challenges of our time. As a Management Consultant specializing in the field of Business Process Outsourcing, I am constantly in need of the best methods to help my international clientele to stay abreast of the rapidly changing business environment.

Norman Meier provides most useful advice related to all issues that make or break the success of businesspersons. He does not just theorize but falls back on experience. You always feel that he does not simply provide theories, but draws from his rich experience of life.”

George Kuenzli, Ph.D., MBA | Management Consultant allroundconsult Group

“Norman was working as an independent seminar trainer for our company. His flair and skill to pass on know-how to others made him a very good and well-liked trainer. He has good communication, negotiation and language skills in English and German. He is a very positive and optimistic person with excellent manners. We would like to thank him for his contribution and wish him the best of luck and success in his future endeavors.”

Regina F. | Head of Regional Services from Germany

So how much is all this knowledge worth?

The specific knowledge that I will teach you in this program cannot be bought anywhere else or learned in books. It is so unique that the only way that you can get it is through an actual learning experience. It has cost me years of my life, lots of energy, sweat and blood to get to that point. I am giving away everything that I have learned to become a millionaire and exactly how I did it for an unbelievable low price.

I have decided to give my knowledge to the world and make it affordable for everyone. Today, you can get it for only $97. I believe that it is now time for others to be encouraged and to live the lives of their dreams. I am convinced that my program will change your life and your financial future.

So isn't it time for you to live the life that you deserve? Isn't it time to take control of your life and finances? Isn’t it finally time for you to be all you can be? If yes, then get the program and learn. I promise you will not regret it! What are you waiting for?

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