Investing Simplified

From Mr. Average to becoming a Super Investor

Most people get easily confused when they hear financial lingo. If an average and financially uneducated person tries to read a financial newspaper, he usually stops reading after two or three sentences because he didn’t understand what he just read. And if by any chance you watch a TV channel where they talk about the analysis of the markets, you might as well watch a movie in Chinese because you can’t understand what it is all about anyway..It can be quite frustrating.

Typically, people rely on their financial advisor since he or she should know better. The only question is whether you can trust him or her. In general, most financial advisors are honest and want to help people. But the problem is that most advisors have their own personal strategy and just because someone is dressed well doesn’t mean that they know how to predict the future and make money for their clients. Even if they apply strategies that they have learned in their courses and education, it doesn’t guarantee successful returns if those strategies are used during the wrong time.

Emotions and Investing

Our emotions are some of the biggest challenges when it comes to investing in the stock. Most people are scared to lose money or to give back gains that their stocks have made. People are afraid to have made the wrong choice and look silly in front of others. And there are people who think they constantly need to swim against the current just to be different.

Here is a list of the seven most common mistakes of investors: 1. They kept the stock for too long; 2. They risked too much at once; 3. They invested without really doing a due diligence; 4. They got a “hot tip” from a friend; 5. They could not let go or sell their position; 6. They have too much trust in news articles and TV; and 7. They wait for too long if a title dropped in price. They think that they will sell it once it is back on the original price (sometimes it will take years!)

How can I help you?

  1. You will learn strategies that will help you to make money
  2. You will learn how to analyze a stock and what to look for
  3. You will learn an income generating strategy with stocks and options that will provide you with a monthly income
  4. You will learn how to chose an online broker, how to make trades and how to read a basic chart
  5. You will learn the psychology and main money management techniques
  6. You will learn where to get the information and how to use it
  7. You will learn how to open up a margin account and be able to invest twice the amount of money that you have available

Why should you listen to me? What is in it for you?

I started in the financial industry when I was 20 years old and worked as a financial planner for six years. I consulted over 3000 clients in my entire career on how to invest money, plan for the future and developed a strategy for the short-term, mid-term and long-term horizon.

I became a licensed stockbroker in Vancouver, Canada and worked in the resource sector. I decided that I wanted to learn everything there was to learn about money and investments. So in 9 months I took over 12 exams and finished several courses and received designations in from the Canadian Securities Institute (equivalent to FINRA in the USA): Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Derivatives Fundamental Course (DFC), Conduct & Practices Handbook Course (CPH), Options Licensing Course (OLC), Ethics Case Study Course, Technical Analysis Course (TAC), Investment Management Techniques (IMT), Options Strategies Course (OSTC), Portfolio Management Techniques (PMT), Agricultural Markets – Risk Management (ARM), FCSI – Fellowship of the Canadian Securities Institute Designation, Canadian Investment Manager Designation and Derivatives Market Specialist Designation.

I also worked in the hedge funds industry in London and in Switzerland and took the licensing exam to get licensed in the United Kingdom. Later, when I moved to the US I got licensed with FINRA in the US and got my Series 7 and Series 63 license, which made him o cially licensed to sell securities in the US.

In general, I raised over $400 million for all kinds of financial products from private clients and $600 million from institutional clients. I have been licensed in Switzerland, Canada and the US to sell securities and my record is absolutely clean and perfect. I have trained many people to become financial planners and stockbrokers. I gave lots of trainings and seminars in the areas of finance, mutual fund basics, hedge funds and financial planning.

When I was a financial advisor I established and managed portfolios, integrated risk management strategies, evaluated performance models for existing portfolios, analyzed global portfolios, researched markets and products, provided investment advice, traded in all kinds of securities including options, built a client book, provided statistical analysis for my clients, solved financial problems, developed and implemented systems designed to generate better returns and raised money for private placement financings.

Basically, I have learned and seen everything there is to learn in the financial industry. Today, 20 years later, I have decided to take my business, sales and entrepreneurial experience and turn it into a mission to teach and educate others who are willing to learn and interested in achieving similar financial success. So I believe I can teach you a few things in this matter, wouldn’t you agree?


What you are about to learn is very exciting and it can potentially change your financial life forever and for the better. I did not come up with this knowledge by myself or invented these strategies. As a former stockbroker I’ve learned many things throughout my career from other successful financial professionals. If you don’t know how to invest your money and your performance is 1% versus 10% over the course of your lifetime, it can make the difference between a regular life and a luxurious life. If you would like to get out of the hamster wheel, which means to work constantly but never getting ahead financially, then you really must educate yourself.

For who is this program?

If you are serious about your financial future, then you should educate yourself on how to invest your money. This program teaches you in a very easy to understand language the basics of financial planning, investing and money management.

How can this help me in my life?

What do I get in detail?

Only $97

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“I am an average person who works, is married and has two children. I have owned my home, owned two apartments as well as managed both properties; my wife and I have tried to start a few businesses and have experienced failure. Unable to shake my entrepreneur bug I have continued to seek ways to become financially successful and secure. I consider myself blessed to have crossed paths with Norman Meier. Norman is the real deal! His 22 Rules of Successful Investing Brochure really spoke to me and helped to refocus my financial game plan. I highly recommend this brochure as a must read for anyone looking to plan their financial future. I would also like to publicly thank Norman for connecting me with my Financial Advisor. Since making this recent connection, my portfolio has shown an increase of 40% in just a few weeks to 70% a week ago, and today I’m sitting at a 101% increase to my initial investment. My advisor tells me that my timing with the market is ideal and that we have been very lucky, but I have also observed losses and witnessed the skilled trading to protect my gain and mitigate my losses. I am at awe in the skills I have witnessed with my own account. Norman Meier, my family and I thank you for your financial advice and connections. If you want to be successful, never be afraid to fail. Surround yourself with successful people and do what they do. Read everything Norman Meier and follow his guidance. He truly is the real deal.

Surround yourself with successful people and do what they do. Read everything Norman Meier and follow his guidance. He truly is the real deal.”

Wealthy Villariasa | Hospital Administrator from California, USA

So how much is all this knowledge worth?

The specific knowledge that I will teach you in this program cannot be bought anywhere else or learned in books. It is so unique that the only way that you can get it is through an actual learning experience. It has cost me years of my life, lots of energy, sweat and blood to get to that point. I am giving away everything that I have learned to become a millionaire and exactly how I did it for an unbelievable low price.

I have decided to give my knowledge to the world and make it affordable for everyone. Today, you can get it for only $97. I believe that it is now time for others to be encouraged and to live the lives of their dreams. I am convinced that my program will change your life and your financial future.

So isn't it time for you to live the life that you deserve? Isn't it time to take control of your life and finances? Isn’t it finally time for you to be all you can be? If yes, then get the program and learn. I promise you will not regret it! What are you waiting for?

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