22 Series

Your boss can not make you rich

  • Create a new business
  • Find a new business idea
  • Ideas to make money
  • Secrets to business success
  • Practical examples

The Power of Your Own Power

  • Increase the power within you
  • Face your fears
  • How to excel in all areas in your life
  • Developing a strong character for success
  • Develop a new mentality for financial

The Power of Positive Thinking

  • Manifest positive thoughts in your life
  • Dealing with negative thoughts
  • How to stay happy and optimistic
  • Develop the right mental attitude
  • How to look at life in general

The Money Lies in the Streets

  •  22 great ideas to make money
  • Practical examples
  • Ideas and inspiration to start a new business
  • Ideas to think outside the box
  • How to make lots of money

The Business of Finding Investors

  • Getting the money to finance your business
  • How to create an offer and structure a
    private placement
  • How raise capital for a company
  • New marketing strategies
  • Ideas and strategies to get investors for your

Stock Promotion and Marketing

  • Marketing and promotion of publicly listed
  • Create an exit strategy for initial investors
  • Basics for a successful promotional
  • Examples of a stock marketing campaign
  • Investor relations and news release

Sales Psychology and Techniques to Raise Capital

  • Selling investment to clients
  • How to help investors to make the right
  • The process of raising capital
  • Why people buy stocks
  • Creating happy long-term investors

Private Equity Business System

  • How to raise money for your company
  • The $100 million blueprint
  • Lack of money is the biggest problem and
    how to overcome it
  • How to create a million dollar company
  • How to find investors and take your
    company public

Online Marketing Strategies for Digital Products

  • New money making strategies
  • Basic rules that work
  • 10 real life examples of other successful
    online companies
  • How to create the perfect marketing
    strategy and message
  • Build your own personal online business

Not Getting Screwed in Business

  • Rules to not getting screwed in business
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
    in business
  • Insights of my personal experience
  • The reality principles
  • How to operate your business so to make
    your life easier

Mentored by a Millionaire

  • How to become a self-made millionaire
  • 12 lessons from millionaires
  • Interviews with millionaires
  • Analyzing success and failure
  • Finding a product or service

Mental Laws of Money

  • The psychology of financial success
  • False beliefs about money
  • The millionaire mindset
  • The truth about money and success
  • Go past your current limits

Love, Relationships and Children

  • Relationship advice for men and women
  • How to improve your relationship
  • How to find the right woman or man
  • How to communicate better
  • How to raise happy and confident children

Leave Your Past Behind

  • Become successful for the second time
  • Deal with past hurts and problems
  • Moving forward and making a new comeback
  • How to be happy again
  • How to change your life and future for the better

Just Over Broke

  • Getting out of the rat race
  • Get rid of your job
  • The old ways of thinking
  • Four simple steps to start your own business
  • Use leverage to make money

Internet Marketing Success

  • How to make money online
  • Learn from the best of the best in this business
  • Basics about creating a successful online business
  • How to build a customer list
  • Many great tips and advice

Everything is Energy

  • Understanding the meaning of your life
  • Thoughts become things
  • Positive and negative energy in your daily life
  • Understanding the Universe
  • Follow your heart

Development of Digital Information Products

  • Develop information-based products
  • How to create new products and ideas from your experience
  • Learn about product cycles and categories
  • Make money with your own knowledge
  • Follow your heart and live your dream with online products

Dealing with Difficult People, Situations & Criticism

  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Stop feeling bad because of criticism
  • Protect yourself from negative people
  • Deal with hardship and difficult situations
  • Getting out of the victim role and finding your own power

Daily Rituals and Habits for Success

  • Replace old habits with new ones
  • New habits to incorporate into your life
  • Simplify your life
  • The power of clarity
  • The power of your own power

Business Development for Public Companies

  • Examples of business models for private and public companies
  • Business development for a new company
  • Going public process
  • Business development and milestones
  • Example strategic plan for an exploration company

Building Character and Becoming a Better Person

  • How to develop an impeccable character
  • How character and success are related
  • How to be more honest and have more integrity
  • Face your fears and develop courage
  • Follow your heart

Basics About Public Companies

  • How to create millions in value in the stock market
  • How to structure, build and organize a public company
  • Basics about public companies
  • How to make money with public companies
  • How to create a successful company in the stock market

Basics About Private Equity

  • How to structure a new company
  • Basic explanation of stocks and corporations
  • How to finance a new company with private placements
  • How to structure a share structure
  • How to legally raise money for your business

Attitude is Everything

  • 36 secrets of success
  • Everything is possible for you in this life
  • Clarity is power
  • Start small, finish big
  • Insights and words of encouragement

A Summary of 20 Years Sales Experience

  • My personal sales story of the last 20 years
  • Success through selling
  • General lessons that I learned from being in sales
  • My personal secrets of sales success
  • How to build a sales organization

22 Ways to Promote Your Own Book & System

  • Create information-based products
  • How to market and promote your own products
  • How to make money with your own products
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Using leverage to sell more products

22 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

  • External motivation vs. internal motivation
  • How to motivate your employees with different methods
  • Motivate your team with team meetings
  • How to develop a vision for the team
  • How to motivate different people differently

22 Ways to Increase Your Sales and Market Your Products

  • Different ways to sell your products
  • The five main marketing principles
  • Basic rules and laws for sales and marketing
  • Product ideas in addition to your main products
  • The power of positioning

22 Ways to Getting Through Difficult Times and Making a Comeback

  • My personal story
  • Finding happiness again
  • Dealing with depression
  • Developing a new mentality for success
  • Making a comeback after failure

22 Steps to Improve Your Communication Skills

  • Communication is the key to success
  • Develop new skills
  • Deal with criticism and difficult people
  • The psychology behind communication
  • How to get people to like you and to listen to you

22 Steps to Finding Your True Purpose in Life

  • Discover your skills and talents
  • Determine your core values in life
  • Understanding the meaning of your life
  • Many questions to find yourself
  • Finding the right business idea for your personality

22 Steps to Finding Happiness

  • Happiness is a choice
  • Develop a new mental attitude
  • Balance in life
  • Understanding yourself and people
  • Letting go of the past

22 Steps to Creating a Sales Script

  • Your money making machine = your sales script
  • How to build and structure a sales script
  • How to use pre-selling techniques
  • How to do a sales presentation
  • Using a 2-step approach to selling

22 Steps to Building Unlimited Self-Confidence & Mental Strength

  • How to develop more self-confidence
  • Confront your fears and doubts
  • Dealing with rejection and temporary setbacks
  • The power of your own power
  • Understanding the law of cause and effect

22 Steps to Building a Successful Team

  • How to recruit the best people
  • Delegation and supervision
  • Turn average people into great people
  • The four phases of leadership
  • Personal sales results versus team sales results

22 Steps to Becoming a Successful Sales Person

  • Master the basic sales elements
  • Learn how to sell more and use your time effectively
  • Understand the critical success factors
  • How to achieve real results
  • Defining your target market and your ideal client

22 Steps to Becoming a Great Sales Manager and Leader

  • Training new employees
  • Dealing with problem situations
  • How to keep the numbers up
  • How to delegate the right way
  • Hiring and firing people

22 Steps to Become a Self-Made Millionaire

  • Develop the right mental mindset
  • Understand how to become a millionaire
  • Examples and ideas to build a million dollar business
  • Personal insights and experience from me
  • Developing a plan to become a millionaire

22 Rules for Successful Investing, Trading and Money Management

  • Learn the basic principles of investing
  • Money management and psychology
  • Great investment strategies to make money
  • Emotions and investing
  • Winning strategies

22 Rules to Lose Weight and Get Into Shape

  • How to build your dream body
  • Proven lessons from a bodybuilder
  • How to eat to lose fat and gain muscle
  • How to exercise right to gain muscle and lose fat
  • Basic principles about nutrition and training

22 Rules to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

  • How to stay healthy
  • Basic rules about health to consider
  • What foods and things to avoid to stay healthy
  • Emotional health
  • Physical health leads to mental health

22 Principles of Influence and Motivational Psychology

  • The science of influencing others
  • Improve your communication skills
  • How to sell and market products better
  • Understanding the psychology behind buying decisions
  • Success through psychological knowledge

22 Powerful Mental Laws for Sales People

  • Sales and marketing principles have changed
  • New ways to find clients
  • Never cold call again
  • Success and failure is all in your head
  • Position yourself as an expert for success

22 Modern Marketing Strategies

  • Old school vs. modern marketing strategies
  • From traditional to digital marketing
  • Creating a sales funnel
  • Actual and practical online marketing strategies
  • Automation of your business

22 Tips for Strategic Leadership and Business Success

  • Plan a strategy for profitability
  • Develop a vision and bigger goals
  • Develop a successful marketing and sales strategy
  • Build a more sales-oriented organization
  • Turning your mistakes into stepping stones for success

22 Great Tips for Creating & Giving Amazing Presentations

  • Learn how to give killer presentations
  • How to structure, open and close your presentations
  • Different people and types in your audience
  • Principles and advice from top presenters
  • How to keep audiences on the edge of their seat

22 Great Leadership Skills

  • Basics about leading people
  • Common leadership and management mistakes
  • How to get people to perform better because of you
  • How to train and improve the performance of your employees
  • How to get better results

22 Great Closing Techniques

  • How to close a deal
  • Great ideas and insights
  • 22 different techniques
  • How to close without effort
  • Improve your sales skills

22 Basics of Sales Psychology and Communication

  • Communication is the foundation of every
  • business success
  • Emotional intelligence and relationship management
  • The psychology when dealing with people
  • How buyers buy products
  • Basic principles of selling

22 Amazing Sales Techniques

  • Sales techniques for advanced sales people
  • Great examples
  • Powerful techniques to close more sales
  • Subtle but effective new techniques
  • Improve your skills

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