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Incorporation of a US company

Norman’s team of professional can help you to incorporate a US company and lay the foundation for your future success as an entrepreneur. Norman will help you to incorporate an actual corporation, create the right share structure, get help with all the legal requirements, get a business address, open up a bank account and set it up so that your business idea is protected and can grow.

He can also help you with your business plan or the initial marketing of your company and products.

Benefits of having your own corporation

The concept of starting a business is a fundamental cornerstone of the “American Dream” and this has become even more popular over the last few years.

Many individuals start a business with the goal of controlling their own destiny, with the appeal being that the more you put into the business the more you get back. Many business owners have started to realize the benefits of forming a corporation, especially those that incorporate in Nevada.

What are the advantages of incorporating a company (C-Corporation or also called“profit corporation”)?

Nevada, Delaware, and Wyoming are all typically referred to as “corporate havens” and are all popular jurisdictions to incorporate your business.  Wherever you choose to incorporate, be aware of the significant differences between each state.

Why incorporate in Nevada?

Nevada has always been one of the most popular states for forming your company. Even though it doesn’t have the lowest incorporation fees and annual fees, it has plenty of advantages for businesses. Among these advantages, the most important ones are taxes, privacy of business owners and corporate law in Nevada.

Taxes for corporations in Nevada

Nevada takes it really seriously with attracting new businesses because of taxes. There are plenty of taxes, which you have to pay in other states, but not in Nevada. Here are the main tax advantages of this state:

Similar to Wyoming, Nevada offers great advantage of protecting business owner’s assets, and keeping them pretty anonymous. If you incorporate in Nevada, you won’t be listed in public records. Also your personal assets are protected and creditors can’t go after your house, bank accounts, etc.

Corporate law in Nevada

The state of Nevada saw enormous success of Delaware and their business law system. That’s why Nevada’s business law model is inspired by Delaware, and there is Nevada’s business court, which is focused on business cases. This gives business owners the confidence that in case someone decides to sue their company, the case will be decided by experienced judges in a judicial system which is in favor of businesses.

Additional advantages of incorporating in Nevada

Incorporation in Wyoming

Wyoming is up and coming in the way of attracting new businesses to their state, but their statutes are not as strong and there is not as much established case law as there is in Delaware and Nevada. Wyoming’s advantages are that its laws are very similar to Nevada and they have substantially lower initial and annual fees. Additionally, the State of Wyoming continues to be very strong financially enjoying a huge budget surplus so there is no foreseeable fee increase for maintaining your Wyoming business entity. Wyoming is not considering any new taxes or fee increases on business entities.

Norman can help you with the following things:





Connections Package

Corporate Services and
Other Services

Basic Corporate Package

Corporation package

Selection of state

For many business owners the appeal of incorporating in Nevada or Wyoming is essential to maintain a level of privacy, which is unattainable in other states.

Corporate Kit

Office package, address and phone numbers

Bank account / TAX ID / Credit and debit cards

Privacy / protection of identity

Selection of state

It is legal and possible to use a different person (nominee director) instead of yourself to protect yourself and your assets. The directors of a corporation will get filed with the secretary of state and will be visible online for the duration of one year. If you wish to use a nominee director to protect your privacy, this person will get filed and then immediately will resign and you will get appointed. By utilizing a nominee director, it is publicly not visible who the real directors of the company are.

Company formation and basic set up: $2500
(Included all necessary state filing fees)

Delux Corporate Package

Basic Corporate Package

Pioneer consulting package

Marketing package

International connections package

Package A – For contacts in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK)

Package B – For USA

Total = $5000

Benefits of having your own corporation

Additional corporate services

Corporate Services and other services

All additional services require a personal conversation and a separate agreement.

Cost: $2500 Retainer / $150 per hour

Pioneer Package

  • Business plan development
  • Project development consulting
  • Strategic consulting
  • Sales and marketing strategy

Marketing Package

  • Creation of basic sales and marketing materials
  • 2 Pager PDF
  • Copy writing of all marketing materials
  • Basic brochure (up to 10 pages)
  • Logo creation

International Connections Package For contacts in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK) or USA

  • nternational business strategy (10 hours)
  • Contacts and referrals of professional companies and specialists
  • International addresses and locations
  • Why Switzerland? One third of all the money in the world is in Switzerland


  • Trustee, fiduciary and depositary services
  • Foreign company formation options
  • Legal services and advice
  • International addresses and locations
  • Accounting and financial statements
  • Translations in other languages
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Amendments or filing of annual list of directors with Secretary of State
  • Management placement
  • Tax services (referral to accountant)
  • Tax services & consulting agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Lawyers, Accountants, Auditors, Transfer Agents, Market Maker
  • Independent research reports and due diligence study about project, company or industry
  • Helpful business contacts

What do i get in detail?

Corporate Package

Corporate Kit + Office Package + Bank Account, TAX ID and Debit & Credit Cards Basic Setup


Deluxe Package

Corporate Package + Pioneer Package + Marketing Package + International Connections Package


Email And Phone Support

For any package Package


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