Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

If you want to improve your personal financial situation and get a financial plan and investment strategy, then Norman’s team can help you with that. Norman will work with a selected number of individuals and will advise them on how to invest their money.

Norman has been a financial advisor for more than 20 years and has personally consulted over 3000 clients.

Step 1: Fill out financial planning questionnaire
Step 2: Either Norman or a financial consultant / stock broker will contact you
Step 3: Analysis and development of financial plan and strategy for client
Step 4: Recommendation of products (investments, insurances, etc.)

Part of service:

The investment analysis is free if the client chooses to work with the financial advisor. Otherwise there is a fee depending on the workload / time spent for the analysis.

Benefits of financial planning and consulting


Norman can help you with the following things:





Opening up
Investment Accounts

Advice on optimizing
your Investment Portfolio

Analysis of
Financial Situation

Fill out the Financial Planning questionnaire

Fill the form that appears below. Press ‘Send’ and after a few days either Norman or a financial consultant / stock broker will contact you and offer you an analysis and a suggested development of a financial plan and strategy based on your personal situation. This includes an extense analysis of your financial situation and several recommendations of products. The investment analysis is free if the client chooses to work with the financial advisor. If instead you want to work directly with Norman, there is a fee depending on the workload / time spent for the analysis.

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What are your goals and objectives? Please check the five most important boxes:

Risk Tolerance

Check the boxes next to the statements that most accurately reflect your attitudes about investing:

I would consider myself as a:

Investment Experience

Investor Profile

Investment ModelsVery ConservativeConservativeModerateAggressiveVery Aggressive
Growth and Income%%%%%
Private Equity%%%%%


Bank Accounts

Type of AccountOwnerBalance

Investment Accounts

Type of AccountAtOwnerBalance

Retirement Accounts

Type of AccountAtOwnerBalance

Educational Assets

Name and Type of AccountOwnerBeneficiaryBalance

Real Estate

Name of PropertyPersonal/InvestmentOwnerValue
How much pre-tax income do you receive each year from your investment properties?$
Do you plan to sell one (or several) of these real estate properties with the proceeds used for retirement? If yes, which one(s)?$

Business Ownership

Name of BusinessOwnerBusiness TypeYour Share
Do you plan to sell your business in order to create retirement assets? Yes No
If yes, in what year (approximately)?

Bank Accounts
Investment Accounts+$
Retirement Accounts+$
Educational Assets+$
Real Estate+$
Business Ownership+$



MortgagesBalance RemainingTerm RemainingInterest Rate

Other Debts

Type of DebtBalance RemainingInterest Rate
Credit Cards$%
Student Loans$%

Other Debts+$
Total Liabilities=$

Total Assets$
Total Liabilities+$

Private equity allocation of your portfolio

Of your total net worth how much do you have allocated into Private Equity today?$%
Based on the analysis how much should you be investing into Private Equity?$%

Personal background information (You)

General Information

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General information

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Family Members

Full NameDependent?RelationSocial Security NumberBirth Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Private equity process and financing rounds

Based on your assets, what amount would you be able to invest?$
If I was able to find an appropriate Private Equity investment for you, would you be interested in looking at it?
If I was able to show you the benefits of this investment, would you be willing to consider investing?

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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help and to give you more information so that you can make a better decision without any pressure. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

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