Create Wealth With Private Equity And Public Companies

Create Wealth with Private Equity and Public Companies (Raising money from investors)

This service is for people who want to raise money from investors for their business idea. Norman and his team will help you to get set up legally so that you can raise capital for your company and eventually go public in the stock market. He can help you with the legal process, shareholder agreements, private placement memorandums, issuance of shares and dealing with the SEC.

If you have a great business idea but you are lacking the capital, then let Norman help you so that you can raise money and turn your idea into reality.

This service is an addition to the program “The $100 million blueprint”. It gives you the actual tools that are required to set up your company so that you can start raising money from private investors and take the company public.

Benefits of the $100 million blueprint (included with this package)

  1. How to find investors for your company and raise millions
  2. How to build a business and finance it with millions of dollars
  3. How to turn an idea into a reality
  4. How to get the money you need to finance your business
  5. How to become a self-made millionaire with your company
  6. Start your own business, get it structured, raise money, take it public in the stock market and make millions
  7. How to put together a new start-up company and make it successful
  8. How to start your own business and live your dream
  9. How to find investors
  10. How to get the money you need to finance your business
  11. How to create an offer and structure a private placement
  12. How raise capital for a company
  13. Ideas and strategies to get investors for your business
  14. Basics about Private Equity
  15. How to structure a new company
  16. Basic explanation of stocks and corporations
  17. How to finance a new project or idea with private placements
  18. How to structure a share structure so you don’t lose control
  19. How to legally raise money for your business
  20. How to create millions in value in the stock market
  21. How to structure, build and organize a public company
  22. How to make money with public companies
  23. How to create a successful company in the stock market
  24. Examples of business models for private and public companies
  25. Learn the public process
  26. Business development and milestones examples
  27. Example strategic plan
  28. Marketing and promotion of publicly listed stocks
  29. How to create an exit strategy for initial investors
  30. Basics for a successful promotional stock campaign
  31. Investor relations and news releases
  32. Sales techniques to raise capital from investors
  33. The process of raising capital
  34. How to create happy long-term investors

Details and description of this service

  1. Legal setup to raise money
  2. Contracts, PPM, SSA
  3. SEC Filing (initial set up and Form D)
  4. IPO plan and basic explanation included
  5. Referrals to lawyers, etc. included
  6. Financing and IPO package
  7. Money raising set up
  8. PPM – Private Placement Memorandum (example)
  9. SSA – Share Subscription Agreements (sample contract)
  10. IPO-Plan
  11. SEC Filings (EDGAR) – registration of company with SEC
  12. SEC Filing of Form D (start to raise capital from investors)
  13. Setting up share structure
  14. Going public plan and strategy
  15. Legal securities advice (basic set up – for more advice you must hire a securities lawyer)
  16. Listed shell acquisition referral (where to buy a listed company / shell)
  17. Accounting and audit referral (list of accountant or auditors)
  18. Setting up transfer agent and share certificates
  19. Management agreement (contract example)
  20. Agreement for a consultant of the company (contract example)
  21. Corporate Resolutions (examples for money raising)
  22. How to find investors (basic strategy explained)
  23. Money raising (legal process to raise money from investors explained)
  24. Project acquisition and due diligence (referral for certain projects / industries)
  25. Public company marketing strategy consulting (basic explanation)
  26. Investor Relations and Communication (basic explanation)
  27. Promotion and news strategy (basic explanation)
  28. International connections and referrals
  29. Marketing Call Center/ Lead Generation (business concept explained)
  30. Dealing with investors, handling questions, pre-qualifying (brochure)
  31. Investor newsletters (examples)
  32. Money raising in Europe (institutional and private investors)
  33. Road shows and investor presentations in Germany and Switzerland
  34. USA – establish yourself in Europe / Europe – establish yourself in USA
  35. Lead generation, contacts to banks and financial advisors
  36. Actual corporation (you must incorporate a company first – you can buy the service from Norman)
  37. Consulting (basic help is given so that you can set up your company but if you require more help from Norman and his team then you can hire him additionally with a separate agreement)

SEC Filing

  1. Basic registration of company (basic set up in the EDGAR system)
  2. Form D (Initial filing to announce first round of financing from private investors)

Benefits of this service

Norman can help you with the following things:


Money Raising

Legal Securities Advice

Private Placement

Dealing with Investors

Project Acquisitions

…and many more

Additional services (with separate consulting contract)






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